Services provided by Dr. Yancho Delchev

Obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Yancho Delchev provides services related to Gynecologic Oncology, and the main ones are:

  • Preventive gynecological examinations
  • Echography – ultrasound diagnosis
  • Colposcopy – a non-invasive diagnostic method
  • Laparoscopy – endoscopic surgery
  • Hysteroscopy – diagnostic endoscopy

Dr. Yancho Delchev works always in favor of the patient by performing any medical treatment with a high level of professionalism. Thus, he not only diagnoses and treat diseases, but he also takes a complete care for improving the health of his patients.

Part of gynecological problems treated by the OB/GYN specialist are:

  • Cervical Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Cancer of the vulva
  • Cancer of the vagina
  • Myoma
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Ulceration of the cervix
  • Prolapse of the uterus
  • Incontinence
  • Descent of the vagina
  • Bleeding in menopause
  • Condylomas
  • Papilloma Virus
  • HPV
  • Inflammation of the genitals (pelvic inflammatory disease)

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