The hysteroscopy is endoscopic diagnostic method for ascertaining changes of the uterine cavity and the cervix. The modern hysteroscopic appliances allow in one and the same manipulation to be combined diagnostics and treatment.

The Hysteroscope is optical system of high technology, allowing detailed diagnostic inspection of the whole uterus on the inside and the cervix for a short time. The appliance is supplied with a very thin tip which affords at necessity also to be made therapeutical manipulations.

The hysteroscopy is priceless method for making fast and precise diagnosis at patients with:

    • Irregular uterine bleedings
    • Painful and/or heavy menstruation

  • Bleeding after sexual copulation
  • Bleeding in menopause
  • Doubt for congenital anomalies
  • Doubts for benign or malignant formations of the uterine cavity and the cervix
  • Sterilities and miscarriages
  • Doubts for adhesions in the uterine cavity

The Hysteroscopy is also used for staging ascertained new malignant formations in the uterine cavity.

The Hysteroscopy is analysis which is made most frequently in hospital setting within 24 hours (one-day surgery). The diagnostic hysteroscopy practically is with duration of several minutes.

The procedure is not painful. Before hysteroscopy the patient should have blood analyses, consultation with cardiologist, electrocardiogram, consultation with anesthesiologist.