The echography is a widely practiced diagnostic method in gynecology. It is also called ultrasonography or ultrasound diagnostics.

At the echography is used a special appliance, which through ultrasound waves gives image of the internal organs. The echographic analysis does not hide any risks of radiation, damage to the tissues and other side effects and is absolutely painless.

The echographic appliances used in gynecology have special tips (transducers), which give opportunity for different access of inspection of the internal organs. At the analysis are examined the form and the size of the internal genitalia, may be found pathological changes, may be taken their sizes as well as according the image may be judged their consistency. The modern appliances also give opportunity for storage of images.

The echography is priceless method for finding and following pregnancy.

For the proper echographic diagnosis is obligatory the combination of:

  • Quality echographic appliance with high resolution
  • Highly qualified specialist with sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge and experience for the proper interpretation of images at the analysis.