Yancho Delchev


Colposcopy – Dr. Yancho Delchev

The colposcopy is a gynecological analysis which ensures a detailed inspection of the external genitalia, the vagina and cervix via zooming several times. It gives more detailed diagnostic information than the macroscopic inspection with speculum at the gynecological examination.

The colposcopy is non-invasive method which is applied at ambulatory conditions. The procedure is not painful and is routinely done in the specialized gynecological consulting rooms.

The analysis is made with colposcope – special optical device, which with zoom up to 50 times and at directed intense lighting gives opportunity for stereoscopic supervision.

Part of the gynecological examination requires so called inspection with speculum of the vagina and the cervix. The colposcopy is made at this stage of examination, as at the inspection are used subsequently special solutions for distinguishing normal and changed areas of tissues:


  • Sample with solution of acetic acid;
  • Sample with iodine solution;

After treatment of tissues with these solutions appears the typical colposcopic finding via which colposcopic diagnosis is made. According the particular finding possibly may be specified also a zone for target biopsy. The target biopsy gives opportunity for taking material for histological analysis by the most suspected zone of the changed section and may be done during the colposcopy.

The histological result of the biopsy material gives diagnosis which is decisive for treatment.

The colposcopy is testimonial at each prophylactic gynecological examination, but is obligatory done at:

  • Abnormal cytosmear ( III-V PAP );
  • Positive HPV test;
  • Difference between the finding at gynecological examination and the cytosmear result;